Our purpose is to build strong organisations

The People and Capacity Group is a group of experienced HR professionals who share a belief that it is the “People” in organisations that secure sustained success, innovation, growth and development.

Our mission is to support clients to build strong organisations in our local markets and in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous markets.

We provide expertise in 6 areas- from Search & Selection through to Capacity Building and Human Capital Management.

Our People

Jo Gudman Rasmussen

+45 2078 8383

Jo is an International HR and Recruitment Expert who has worked in large international organisations and smaller Danish national companies, both in the Humanitarian sector and in private corporations. Jo’s passion is to work with people, foster their development and push HR professional standards to a higher level.

Jo has a background in Marketing Planning, Business Studies and Anthropology, with added expertise and certification in Conflict Resolution and Management and is an expert facilitator in Competency Based Recruitment. She has worked across the world, with a focus on Africa.

As an HR Expert Jo has assisted international organisations in negotiating new start up projects, monitored funds for private donors and institutional donors, ensured continuous project surveillance and done risk analysis of context and project proposals. She has been responsible for deployment plans and evaluation in over 10 multi international projects, with 2,500 FTEs and with a supervisory level of over 100 international employees.

Since the beginning of her career, her passion for people has lead her to excel in international recruitment with a special focus on helping candidates with career management, development and training. Another focus has been on performance analysis and optimisation of team composition using Psychometric testings and workshops.

Mette Laudal

+45 4096 0111

Mette is a unique and international highly skilled professional with a strong focus on HR and a variety of different recruitment solutions ranging from executive level to key specialists.

She consistently manages Human Resource projects be it in the Middle East, Afghanistan or in the Scandinavian market. She is a project management expert and contributes with an overall focus on quality-based deliverables.

Mette has a strong organizational profile, rapidly understanding client’s needs and preparing bespoke solutions to challenges. Her commercial and experienced profile enables client needs to be transformed into sustainable and achievable plans and goals. Mette has experiences with more than 30 different nationalities valuing the role of strong and contextual communication and cultural understanding to ensure teamwork and success.

What We Do

The People & Capacity Group delivers solutions and support in 6 core areas:

Search & Selection

International search, selection and assessment of candidates - specialising in executive management, international leadership and senior subject matter specialists.

The People and Capacity Group is a highly professional business partner, providing a structured search and selection process within an agreed framework and timeframe, tailored to suit your specific requirements.

We perform search and selection, and candidate assessment studies, in national and international high-risk and emerging markets, and have successfully found and placed candidates in organisations operating in Angola, Libya, Egypt, Nigeria, Tunisia, Turkey, Zambia as well as for our domestic markets in the OECD. This includes both nationals and internationals deployed in these markets.

We place candidates in the executive management levels, specialists and seniority levels, with a high professional focus on national and international standards of vetting of candidates.

We have a strong network of candidates and invest considerable resources to stay in touch with individuals through social media platforms, networks, databases and face to face events. We secure a strong level of engagement with our pipeline of candidates so we can to provide the most qualified shortlists.

We can offer a range of state of the market assessment methods, from stand-alone personality assessments and feedback through to tailor-made assessment centers.

For further information on our Selection process, please see section below.

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Selection Process

The People and Capacity Group supports small and medium sized businesses, and organisations, by creating high value in a low-cost selection process suitable for companies with smaller recruitment budgets.

Our process is designed to ensure that the managers time are freed up to focus on daily business, while we take the heavy work load of creating the job ad, placement of the job ad in relevant medias, receiving and registering all applications, screening of the applications and hand over of the top qualified candidates.

With experiences from, and insight in a broad range of industries, branches, job functions, specialist and seniority levels and executive management functions, we are fully capable of screening the candidates and thereby securing our clients the absolute best competences.

While supporting our clients in the most time-consuming part of the recruitment process, and afterwards handing over the final part of the process to be carried out by our clients themselves, we can keep the recruitment cost so low, that most companies are able to outsource this part of the recruitment process.

The Process

The process consists of a quality-oriented selection of the best-qualified candidates, attracted by a well written, goal oriented and well placed job ad, combined with active network exposure through relevant groups and national and international forums.

The People and Capacity Group performs an analysis of the clients’ organisation, culture, the job content and preferred professional and personal skills, to gather the essential knowledge that enables us to be able to write a targeted job ad as well as assess the candidate field.

We prepare a job ad designed to attract the competent candidates. Together with our client we prepare a media plan and post the job ad according to the media plan agreed.

We receive, register and screen all candidates who applies. The screening is performed on the profile analysis parameters agreed.

The candidates who meet the agreed parameters are then shortlisted and forwarded to the client. We always provide a detailed explanation for the choice of each candidate, assuring our client on how to proceed.

To ensure that all candidates are treated with respect and acknowledged for their application, we inform all candidates of their status in the process and finally also sends out rejections to all candidates, not selected for the shortlist.

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The People and Capacity Group also offers a variety of quality-oriented add-on products that will further create value in the processes, such as in-depth interviews, tests and resolution advisory.

Please contact us for more information, prices and perhaps a noncommittal meeting for further elaboration of the process.

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Delivering New Organisations

Designing, setting up & delivering new organisations in post-conflict and developing markets - ensuring compliant and resilient organisations.

With experience gathered from Afghanistan to Angola and from Nigeria and Tunisia, we have successfully worked in multidisciplinary teams to establish a range of operational organisations – from medium-scale industrial to development and aid delivery.

We provide national and site safety and security risk assessments.

Working with partners in country our approach ensures that you are able to access the best national talent pools and secure the best available “international” resources to establish effective and compliant operational units.

The two founding members combine networks and resources in more than 20 developing markets around the globe.

HR & Management Consulting

Supporting you through the People Cycle, (Attract, Deploy, Develop, Perform, Reward and Transition) - with tried and tested solutions.

The People and Capacity Group provides consulting services through the whole strategic and annual people cycle – from defining a Workforce Planning strategy, identifying Key Positions, through to developing and supporting the implementation of critical annual HR processes such as performance management, or employee engagement surveys. We can provide both the strategic know-how and the operational support to undertake these processes.

Our preferred approach is to enter into Framework Agreements and to run annual HR processes alongside your Leadership and HR teams. This ensures our support and development inputs are consistently aligned with your business strategy as well as allowing you to maintain a lean HR department.

Learning & Development

Developing tailor-made learning and capacity development programmes, to support competency development.

We offer support in two key areas:

  1. We will work with your key stakeholders to support, manage and drive Organisational Analysis, Operations Analysis and Person Analysis to build a comprehensive understanding of the Learning and Development needs in your organisation.
  2. We then develop appropriate Learning and Development initiatives into the tried and tested 70:20:10 model of adult learning – which recommends that 70% of learning and development for adults is attained through informal, on the job, experiential learning, 20% is attained through coaching, mentoring and development through others, and the final 10% from formal learning interventions, structures and courses.

70:20:10 Development Model


In challenging economic times having highly motivated colleagues and constantly improving their competencies is at the heart of building resilient and profitable organisations.

We enable you to leverage this latent potential that is so often ignored.

Human Capital Management

The People & Capacity Group takes on all employment services so clients are free to focus on the important task at hand. We can provide full support service, to staff deployed.

Every organisation is a dynamic organism, where resources often fits the average of the work load. From time to time it is necessary to add extra resources or competencies to ensure optimal work deliverables, whether it be a permanent established-, or project based organisation.

The People & Capacity Group can assist in adding extra resources and delivers excellent interim consultants in the areas of; program management, human resources, administration/finance, information & communication, technology, logistic/procurement and monitoring & evaluation.

We deliver interim consultants for organisations and projects based in conflict-, post conflict and emerging markets in regions such as Eastern Europe, Central & South Asia, Middle East and Africa.

We provide overall administration of the deployed consultants and ensure quality deliverables alongside wellbeing and professional attitudes. We handle everything from employment contracts, deployments, salaries and insurances to extraction.

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Please contact us for more information, prices and perhaps a noncommittal meeting for further elaboration of our Human Capital Management Services.

Are you interested in becoming a consultant, working for our international clients, for a period between 2 – 12 months, please register in our CV database

For information on our compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, please go to our Jobs section, last section of the page.


We collaborate with DISCnordic in regards to using psychometric tools such as Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™.

DISCnordic is the largest distributor of Wiley’s products in Europe, and cover certification and training of HR professionals in Denmark among other things.

If you want to read more about the tools DISCnordic provide, do visit their website (in Danish).



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